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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is a "domain name"?"
    A domain name is the address of your website that people type in the browser URL bar to visit your website
  • What is a "hosting subscription"?"
    Hosting is the server space on the internet and where your website data is stored. When we build your website with WIX, we will recommend the best hosting plan for your site - this will be dependent upon add-ons that you have like forms, videos, payments, etc. WIX subscriptions range from US$102-420 per year depending on your requirements (ie storage space needed, add-ons and apps added to your site).
  • What is SEO?
    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of ranking your website to show up in Google results through various keyword searches related to your business. The higher you are ranked in Google, potentially the more traffic and customers you should get. We use WIX basic SEO when we develop your website. If you take on a support package, we offer advanced SEO services to help your site rank higher and appear more frequently on search engines like Google.
  • What do I need for a website?
    You will need to register a domain name (the name of your website), design the website and choose a hosting subscription through WIX to "host" your website in the cloud. The domain name and hosting subscription are annual fees paid to a third party and are not included in our package pricing. We can however organise either of these on your behalf. Ask us how.
  • Once my website is live, what are the ongoing costs to run my website?"
    The "hosting subscription" and "domain name" are annual fees which will require renewal. These are your sole responsibility. Whilst we can train you how to manage the site yourself, we also offer support packages to help support you and the ongoing marketing and development of your website.
  • Can I use a different hosting company?
    No. Our host services are connected with the WIX CMS (Content Management System) so we are unable to separate the hosting from our platform. If you ever move away from a WIX based site, you would need to rebuild your website and you would connect your "domain name" to the new host.
  • Who owns the website after it's created?
    You do! Once you have approved the final design and have paid the balance of the Project cost, we will transfer the ownership of the site to you. We will provide you with the training to manage your website yourself and we also make ourselves an Administrator of the site so that we can help you if required.
  • Can I make changes to my website after it's published?  And how much does it cost to make changes?
    Yes, you can make as many changes as necessary. You could even redesign it if you wanted! And there are no hidden costs - your annual subscription covers your website's running costs. If you decide to add other features, there may be additional costs - ie if you go from a basic website to an online shop, you would need to upgrade to an appropriate plan that would allow payments to be accepted. There are also many other great add-on features with WIX that you might find useful as your site develops. At any given time you can upgrade your plan. We can also assist with any changes, edits, upgrades - we offer various support packages or if you're looking for a redesign or more extensive work, contact us for more information.
  • How long will it take for you to build my website and how quickly will it go live?
    We can design a website relatively quickly if you have provided us with the concept, images and content. If you are also quick to review drafts, this will also help in the process. Once you have signed off on the final design and have paid the balance of the Project, we will "flick the switch" and your site will be live for all to see.
  • My site has gone live but I don't see it in a Google search.
    Please note that your website may not appear in the search results immediately - it can take 4 days to 4 weeks for Google to anaylse your site and its links before it will rank high. This is a very normal process so don't worry, it will happen. Also, the more people that visit your site, the more it will appear in Google's analytic results which help with ranking.
  • I already have a domain name, can I use this for my website?"
    Yes. We can assist you in ensuring your domain settings point to your new website as part of our web design service.
  • I don't like my current website, can you provide assistance?"
    If your site is built on a WIX platform, absolutely! And as long as you have ownership of the site. If it is built on a different platform (ie WordPress, SquareSpace, Shopify, Weebly, etc) then we would need to redesign the site in WIX. And then, as long as you have access to the domain name, we can attach that to your new WIX site once it is developed. Please see websites for more information on packages available.
  • What if I am not happy with my web design or what if I decide I don't want to proceed - do you offer a refund?
    We will work with you to develop a website from our initial consultation. You will receive previews and revisions prior to the website going live. You will have paid a 50% non-refundable deposit for us to design your website. We will rectify any design issues through further consultation to avoid having to reimburse you your initial deposit. If you change your mind not to proceed with the website or if you decide you no longer need a website, then you will forefeit your 50% deposit and we may issue you with an additional invoice for the build to date.
  • When purchasing a domain name, what is better .com or or .nz?  Does it matter?"
    Google geo-targets its results to rank New Zealand extensions higher for New Zealand searches because they are more relevant ( and .nz). However if your audience is international, .com domain can still be relevant for wider reaching. With your Wix site, we can actually have two domain names attached to the site - a primary and secondary domain name. This means if either domain name is typed in the search engine, they will be directed to the same website address. Some of our clients have and .com extensions. Other clients will buy a similar sounding name to their business, or a shortened version of their business name, to ensure that customers looking for them will find them and also so the competition don't take your name with a different domain extension.
  • Are there any emails included with my website?
    These are not included in your design package or with your WIX subscription, but you can purchase emails to match your website name through either WIX or through your domain name provider. These will cost around US$6 per month per email, directly payable through your chosen third party. Your email could be "hello" or "name" You will be offered a variation or you can allocate your preferred name. We can assist in setting these up as part of the development but you will be billed separately for this addition and the ongoing annual renewal will be your responsibility.
  • Will my website be available to Apple and Android devices?
    Yes. All WIX websites are desktop and smartphone across Apple and Android. Please note however that WIX websites are not currently fully responsive across all devices. WIX are working on updating this feature so that we can also configure your site for tablets and also ensure that it will be correctly visible across all size screens/monitors sizes. In the meantime, we will do our best to ensure your website is configured as best possible.
  • Can I see some examples of websites that you have developed?
    Yes. Please visit our web design portfolio page.
  • What pictures can I use on my website?
    You can use any images you own or have permission to use. We will ask you to send these during the design process. If you do not have any photos, we can source relevant and high quality stock images to bring your website to life. If there is a cost involved in purchasing an appropriate images, we will advise you.
  • Can I track traffic and information about people visiting my website?
    Yes. By signing up to Google Analytics, a Google programme that collates and presents all your website visitor statistics including number of visitors, how long they spend on each page, where they are from, keyword searches, what device they have used to view your site. We can set this up for you for a one-off fee of $60 + GST.
  • Do you offer a one page website design service?
    Yes. We offer either a landing page website or a 1-page scrolling website. The difference between these really depends on how much content and imagery you have. Both are as effective as each other and both give the same result, an online presence for customers to find you.
  • Will you send me monthly reporting on the performance of my website?
    If you have chosen a support package, this may be included in your package. However if you are managing your own website, we encourage you to set up Google Analytics which will give you all the information you need. We can set this up for you for a one-off fee of $50.
  • What is a Google Business Page?
    A Google Business Page (formerly Google My Business) is a Google service is a free listing on Google which enables business owners to manage how they appear online across Google, helps make their business stand out and also helps to attract new customers. Whilst its a free listing, it can be tricky to set up, but we can help set this up for you at a cost of $90 + gst. Read more about the benefits of a Google Business Page on our Support Packages and why, if you haven't already got one, you should have one!
  • I want to change my current WIX website, add more pages and change the look.  Are you able to help me?"
    Yes, we can. Please refer to support packages for more information.
  • Why are your websites so cheap compared to others?
    Our websites are affordable because: 1. We use a range of stylish customisable templates to create each website - this saves us time and we do not need to charge you on an hourly basis for our time. 2. We work remotely allowing us to keep costs down and pass these savings onto our clients. We do majority of our work via phone and email or we can meet you in person if preferred.
  • Do you work only using the WIX platform, and if so, why?"
    Yes. WIX has many great features and advantages over other platforms. It is best suited to our customers who are mainly small business owners who take over management of their own sites after we have designed it for them. It's easy to use and navigate and their annual hosting fees are very competitively priced. Please refer to Why WIX for more information.
  • Do you offer a payment scheme? ie can I pay in installments?
    Yes. We can design your website and host your site through a continued Website Maintenance Retainer Package. We can customise a package for you that includes the design, hosting, maintenance in an easy monthly fee. Please contact us to discuss further.
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