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The Web Design Process

Here's the 4 easy steps it takes to launching your site!

Prior to our initial consultation, please read the Website Checklist for ideas to help with planning a website but we can also help you define your design and present other suggestions. 


We will then have a discussion about your goals, how your site will look and function, target audience and any other requirements you may have. 

Step 1:
Initial Consultation

Step 2:

Book and Plan

Once we have agreed a plan, we will send a proposal for your signature and return.  You will then be required to pay a 50% deposit so that we can book in your project and start designing your site. 


The time it takes to build your site is dependent upon you providing the information we need and reviewing and advising of any changes to drafts that we will send throughout the process. 

Step 3:

Design and Create

Once you are happy with the design and functionality of your desktop site, we will then configure the mobile site. 


Please note that the layout will differ slight from that of the desktop site, due to the size restrictions however we will do our best to maintain design and functionality. 

We will then set up the WIX SEO (search engine optimisation, ie how you are found online). 

We will require 10 keywords that you would like your site found by in Google and other search engines.  

Step 4:

Time to Launch!

Once you are happy and have signed off on the site design, you will be required to pay the balance of your invoice.

Once the final payment has been received, we are happy to assist with getting your site live or we can send you instructions on how to do this yourself. 

We will have recommended previously which WIX hosting package you will need to purchase in order to go live.​  Both the domain name and the hosting package are your costs as they are not included in the design package.  

We can however arrange these subscriptions for you and an invoice for reimbursement of these costs will sent and will require payment in full before the website ownership is transferred to you.

You will receive an email link from WIX advising of the transfer - we will keep a copy of the site in our WIX account (as a backup) and we will add ourselves to your site as an "Website Manager" in case you need our help in the future with editing (unless otherwise advised).

But wait... there's more!

We will monitor the site for the next month to ensure everything is running smoothly and we can carry out any minor edits and/or fix any issues that may arise.

If you choose to manage the site yourself, we will arrange for a one-hour training session - either in person or via phone/team viewer session - so that you are comfortable maintaining the site. 


This training session is valid for 4 weeks after the site has gone live.  After this time, you may be required to purchase an additional session for training - see Support Packages for more details.

If you decide you would prefer us to manage your site for you, we offer a monthly Website Maintenance Retainer Package After a two month period, you can cancel at any time.

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