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Website Checklist

It's important to have an idea of what you want and what you need from your website.  

If you have some ideas before we get together, it will help with the design process and the speed at which we can bring your website to life.

Think about what it is you want to achieve from your site and what you want it to do.

Think about what key CTA (call to action) messages you want to send to your visitors, ie do you want them to buy something or sign up to something or inform them of something? 

If you don't already have a domain name (the name of your website), you will need to purchase one - we can talk you through the process or we can purchase one on your behalf.

Prepare a sitemap - this is a listing of all the pages you want us to include in your new site and also the order of which these pages should appear in and whether they should be main pages or sub-menu pages.

Think about, or start collating, any images, video and text content you want to use on your site.

We will build your website around your logo colours.   If you have a branding/corporate identity guideline book or style guide for your logo, it would be useful for us to have a copy.  We will also require your logo in high resolution.

Do you have social media accounts for your brand/company? Please send us the links to each of these so we can add social media links to your site.  If you need help in setting these up and/or managing them, please see Support Packages for more details.

Think about which keywords you want your site found by in Google and other search engines. We will use these later to set up your SEO.

Check out the competition - do a little research on what your competitors are doing and think of things that you might do differently from them or how you can make your site stand out.

Make a note of any websites that you like - it will help in the designing process if there are specific designs or functionalities that you might like to incorporate in your site.

We build websites using WIX (see Why Wix for more information) - have a look at their site for templates you might like us to use and customise ( - or again, if there are functions you like on a few sites, let us know which ones.

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